The Basics

Dry Trim19.00
Wet Cut22.00
Wash & Blowdry - Short Hair26.00
Wash & Blowdry - Long Hair28.00
Trim, Wash & Blowdry - Short Hair                28.00
Trim, Wash & Blowdry - Long Hair30.00
Restyle, Cut, Wash & Finish36.00

The Treatments

Highlighting/Lowlighting Meche

T-Bar From 66.00
Highlighting - Short Hair 74.00
Highlighting - Long Hair     80.00
Lowlighting - Short Hair 82.00
Lowlighting - Long Hair 88.00

Highlighting/Lowlighting Cap Only

Highlighting - Short Hair 63.00
Lowlighting - Short Hair 72.00


Body wave perm - Short Hair 62.00
Body wave perm - Long Hair 69.00
Wash and wear perm - Short Hair 74.00
Wash and wear perm - Long Hair 78.00


Tinting - Short Hair 53.00
Tinting - Long Hair60.00
Semi - permanent Colour - Short Hair47.00
Semi - permanent Colour - Long Hair                49.00

Conditioning Treatments

Conditioning Treatment - Short Hair 40.00
Conditioning Treatment- Long Hair                42.00

Colour Correction P.O.A

Whole Head Tint & Highlights P.O.A

Details and prices may be altered without prior notice

Please Note:

We retain the right to charge for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Cancellations cannot be made via the website OR email address


Before deciding on a new style, colour or perm we strongly advise a consultation with your chosen stylist.

This service is of course offered free of charge

All Treatments are inclusive of Trim, Wash and Finish

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