MATRIX - Total Results

Complete hair care and styling system for every hair challenge

"If we dont use it, we don't sell it"

All products used within the salon are available to purchase in our salon shop

Miracle Creator

Replenishing moisture, and smoothening strands, the versatile formula primes for styling

Nourishes, smoothens, repairs dry damaged hair, detangles, eliminates frizz, tames unwanted flyaways, easier blowdrying, combats dryness.

Color Obsessed

Protect coloured hair from fading

Containing enriching vitamin E and body-lifting sunflower oil, the concentrated blend helps dull residue and renew moisture

High Amplify

Transforms lack lustre locks with a body boosting formula

Ideal for fine, flat hair, a powerful cocktail of protein and pathenol strengthens and nourishes strands

Moisture Me Rich

Hydrate dry, dull hair with fibre gloss technology

Helps restore moisture to hair with glycerin and apricot oil, a luxurious treat to add to your daily hair care routine

So Long Damage

Solve the challenges of fragile, broken hair, with cuticle rebond technology

Cleanses hair leaving it looking shiny and helping to rebuild brittle strands. Salon-perfect results - totally strong hair with less breakage

Brass Off

Smooths onto locks, the creamy formula will envelop hair in a veil of essential hydration

Utilising tone and correcting pigments to instantly neutralise hair, redusing brassy tones.